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Pulse was created from the vision to offer an atmosphere where members felt at home, a place where "everyone knows your name"

You can achieve your fitness goals. You can accomplish things you never thought possible — and we can help! Pulse Fitness offers an inclusive and non-judgmental atmosphere that includes a variety of training and health options to support your specific needs. Members can choose from one-on-one personal training, group training, group classes, nutrition coaching and open gym.  Satisfy your fitness fix and get your heart pumping!

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It's about your goals - It's what you make of it. The Pulse team excels in different areas of fitness so members can choose from a variety of training styles to mix up your workouts and avoid any plateaus in your training. We'll motivate you, coach you, and hold you accountable. Our passion, dedication, creativity, knowledge and expertise set us apart. We're invested in your success! Visit us for a complimentary training session and experience the right way to train.

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One-on-one Personal Training is our signature service. We have an amazing team of expert trainers, who are passionate career driven professionals. You won’t find any fly-by-night trainers, or just out of school newbies on our floor. Members have the opportunity to rotate trainers and experience the variety of training methods we offer to always leave you feeling challenged, but never defeated. Pulse Fitness is YOUR place to find a motivator, a coach, a fitness routine that works and trainers invested in your success. IT'S PERSONAL!

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Whether you are a fitness pro or just getting started, there is something for you on our dynamic class schedule, all lead by experienced and certified Instructors!

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Boot Camp Programs

Our Boot Camps are designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense intervals & timed rotations to create a fun and effective workout! Our instructions will be there to support and push you just outside your comfort zone so you can accomplish what you never thought possible!

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T1 Cycle

The T1 Cycling program offers members the ability to bring the outdoor cycling experience indoors, with a custom designed studio space and new music mixes each week we ensure you a fresh - high energy ride each class. 

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Our floor plan includes a cardio deck, a strength training area, a cross training room, a group training studio and a cycle studio. Our equipment is provided by Lifefitness, Hammer Strength, Rogue and Prodigy Fitness and is all here waiting...the only thing missing is YOU.


Pulse Fitness prides itself in building the best personal trainers in the industry. The Pulse Team works with prospective trainers to give them experience and knowledge with the variety of clients that we see every day.

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Corporate Wellness

Our objective is to provide your employees with an impressive array of fitness and wellness programs to boost their motivation to maintain healthy behaviors. With a blend of research and experience, Fitness Drives Business provides an innovative, research-based programs to achieve a higher standard of corporate culture.

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Simply put, we help you eat according to your goals. With custom nutritional programs available and a full service Shake Bar at our facilities, we are confident that with this convenient, high quality, personal service you will reach any goal you're strong enough to set.  To learn more about our nutrition options available -- click below. 

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We invite you to come in and get comfortable with the space, the team, and the culture. We want to listen to you, understand your goals and give guidance if you feel stuck. We offer an atmosphere that is fueled from positive vibes and high power energy.  Join us today -- NO CONTRACTS!

Strength Training

As you begin to notice the positive physical changes in your body and develop a regular exercise routine your ability to handle stress effectively will improve.The way you sit and stand are influenced by the health of a network of neck, shoulder, back, hip and abdominal muscles. Stronger muscles can help you stand and sit straighter and more comfortably. Improve balance and stability and boost metabolism which burns more calories at rest to reduce body fat. 

Cardio Training

Cardio exercise, is any movement that gets your heart rate up and increases blood circulation to improve the condition of your heart.  Along with speeding up your heart rate, cardiovascular exercise also increases the rate of various other processes in the body, also known as your metabolism.

Functional Training

Recommendation:Training the body for the activities performed in daily life is oriented on using big, multi joint exercises that include the important ‘core’ abdominal and back muscles. Exercise bands and balls, free weight exercises, plyometric exercises, and suspension training are used to condition the body with activities in an unstable environment to improve strength, balance, coordination, endurance and agility, all in one full swoop.

HIIT Training

HIIT is a training idea in which low to moderate intensity intervals are alternated with high intensity intervals. HIIT is more effective than normal cardio due to the higher level of intensity and the structured amount of time set.  You are able to increase both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance while burning more fat. 

Sport Specific Training

Fitness and performance training designed specifically for athletic performance enhancement. Training programs for athletic performance enhancement could include such areas as strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, agility, mental preparedness, sleep, recovery/regeneration techniques and strategies, nutrition, rehabilitation, pre-habilitation, and injury risk reduction. Programs depend upon the athlete's specific needs and the demands of the sport.

Stretch Training

Stretching is the deliberate lengthening of muscles in order to increase muscle flexibility and joint range of motion by increasing blood flow to muscles and rids the muscle tissue of waste byproducts. Stretching helps warm the body up prior to activity thus decreasing the risk of injury as well as muscle soreness.


The trainers are the best of the best

always upbeat and changing things up which I love. They focus on form and help you reach your goals.

Kaitlyn Pangrazzi

Only gym I've ever stayed with!

Personalize your experience with professional trainers or attend classes or go to open gym - the journey is yours to make with tons of support to get you started. 

Jessica Woodbeck

The staff is fantastic and are always into helping you achieve goals.

I have worked out with three different trainers and they all bring different styles and it's great. 

Eddie Simmet

Great nonjudgmental atmosphere.

The trainers are all nice and friendly. You get a great workout with knowledgeable instructors. They offer a variety of classes and training for all types of people who are just beginning their workout journey to those that are more complex and hit the gym regularly. You should definitely check it out. In Royal Oak or downtown Detroit.

Kurt George

Very comfortable atmosphere to put me out of my comfort zone.

I usually workout at a normal gym. Staff was very polite and helpful. I would definitely go back again.

Jennifer Lynn Calabrese

EVERYONE here is very nice, very knowledgeable, and very accommodating.

I just started here and am doing some personal training to start off. My experience so far has been wonderful, the staff here will do their part in helping you achieve your goals.

Lisa Griffith

Pulse Fitness is second to none in knowledge and customer service.

If you want results and programs built just for you go to Pulse. You only have one body so pick the right training facility. Pulse will treat you like family. 

Cameron Chaivre

They are the absolute best at what they do!

I've been to a lot of gyms, but nothing compares to the quality of training and classes I get at Pulse. 

Andrea Riley

The Power Hour Cycle class with Lydia was awesome!

It was my first time trying spinning and she made the class challenging, but fun! I will definitely be returning to take another class with her! Also, the gym was very clean and the staff was very helpful. Great experience!

Yvette Bonner

Have an amazing group of trainers

and so many amazing classes that are so fun and challenging.

Kelsey Heilig

Absolutely love this gym!

The trainers are so supportive, encouraging and determined to achieve the goals you set. The gym is super clean with updated equipment. Shake bar is a plus and very yummy! Awesome atmosphere!

Christin Canter

Every personal trainer is great.

It's clear every trainer is kept to a high standard and they all excel. Thanks for getting me back into the gym and making me want to stay there!

John Hill

We all need that little push; at Pulse you get just that and more!

The staff becomes family and your workouts become enjoyable! I used to drag myself to the gym, now I actually love working out! Quitting does not exist at Pulse. You give it your all and at the end of every workout, you tell yourself damn! "I am stronger than I think!" 

Batoul Hakim

This is the best gym downtown Detroit!

I cannot recommend the staff and trainers highly enough. The facility is spotless, everything is clean and new. The locker rooms are excellent. This gym caters to every fitness level, there is no attitude, and everyone there is friendly and supportive. So happy I found this place - I have become a regular.

Michael Freeman

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