We provide Services for Private Investigations, Process Serving, Information Retrieval, Locating People and Assets, Small Claims and Writ of Garnishments Assistance, Background Checks, Phone Trace/Locate, GPS Tracking and more.  Serving all of Oregon and located in Beaverton / the Portland Metro area for over twenty one years. 
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We assist Attorneys, Corporations, Collection Departments, Insurance Companies, Nannie Companies, Private Investigators, Process Servers, and the General Public.  We can help you.  

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Private Investigation Services

Private Investigations:  Experienced, State-Licensed Private Investigators are ready to assist you.   We tailor our investigations around your needs.  Getting you the results you need.  With personalized service.

Process Serving:  We serve all documents from coast to coast.   Mail or email us your documents.  Click for prices.  Our Professional Process Servers have a minimum of 10 years experience, we get them served.

Information Retrieval:  We are your comprehensive information resource for the NW, trusted by local attorneys.  Need to find a Witness, Defendant, Heir or old friend?  Or find some assets, banking institution search or employment to Garnish?  We can help with that and more. 

Small Claims Oregon:  Need assistance with the entire small claims process?   (Claims from $1 to $10,000.00)   We can help you from start to finish and we will not take any of the money you are owed.  The defendant will get charged with the fees if you win.

Writs of Garnishments Oregon:  Need assistance with a Writ of Garnishment to collect on a Judgment?   After Judgment we can help you garnish the subject bank accounts and/or wages from an employer.   The defendant will get charged with the cost.

Background Checks:  Do you know who you are associating yourself with?  Dating anyone?
Going to hire someone to do some work for you?  Going to do business with someone new?
Protect your self, your investments and most of all your loved ones, do a background check first.

Evictions (FED) in Oregon:  Need assistance evicting people from your property?  We can prepare all the forms, advance the court fees and get the person served with a notice to pay or vacate.  Check out this page for more information.

GPS Tracking: Give us a call for a free consultation! We are local 503-643-4274.   Do you know where your partner is?  Are your being told the truth about where they or your kids go?   Get the answers you deserve with out the hassle or monthly fees and have live 24/7 support from a local investigator.

Registered Agent Services:  We can be your Registered Agent in Oregon.

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